Using Your Earbuds All The Time – Is It Advisable?

Most of the people use earbuds to listen to some good music stuff and it has been a regular practice from traditional days where we used a radio for it and now we use an earbud since we get a free one which comes with our new cell phone. We strongly believe that listening to music can always render us a motivating feeling or the same kind of factor and thanks to earbuds for making it a grand but simple way to listen to music.

Its common that many of us have wondered how listening with earbuds makes a great difference between a slow-moving and inactive day to a really lively and a highly fruitful one. It also has the power to steer up our job and also productivity. It is a general observation that people wear on their earpiece to get the complete isolation from surrounding noises which drives them quickly to finish up the work.

Do earbuds benefits you to get things done?

Frankly speaking, yes! It is pretty sure and most of you must be experiencing it right away. Some make their earbuds go on to completely turn off from the other disturbance or distractions and settle down to real business. Thus, they help you with creating a personal and healthy work zone.

But some worksite never offers you an earplug friendly environment and often give it an anti-social tag. They claim that it is difficult to reach out to an employee who has plugged on these accessories. Alternate to this situation, some realize and promotes the use of benefiting the overall work. They admire the feature of these earbuds that is conducive to gain attentiveness and keeps you energetic at the times of tedious works. Additionally, using an earbud can overcome the difficulties of feebly designed workplaces. This means, even though the open floors are pretty hyped for teamwork, they may not be the cream for a creative job or for say, the deep-thinking process.

So collectively, some of the few reasons why you should wear the earbuds during work time are

It acts as an energy booster and can pump up your mood adding to working potential.

Using this, it can isolate you from the office chaos and take you to the calm private job zone.

The tough tasks are made simpler as the plugging of earpiece can part you with totally calmness or meditation effect.

Keeps you from unwanted interruptions of colleagues or so and helps to set the expectation that you are deeply engaged in working or is in a deep thought and moreover, pals will be less biased to interrupt you while your earpiece is on.

Further hand, they inspire you to choose a self-attitude. Whether you want a speedy pickup or you need to calm down or like anything you want, playing a so-type music and plugging your earbuds really take you away from the jostle and flurry of the day.

Now it is the time to question the Science

It is a common saying that prolonged usage of earbuds can turn harmful to your precious ears. Is there lies any truth in that?

Here is what science has to tell us:

Nothing really matters but the volume to which you opt to hear the music or say anything of that kind. Actually, it is obvious that there exists no such pair of earbuds which is inherently positive or negative for your hearing. But always going for the right pair can offer you the best quality to which you can listen to.

In fact, the truth beholds in the fact that the louder you choose to hear and the respective time period for which you put on your earplugs while playing the brasher music can un-optionally and intentionally discomfort your ear canals. Even then, if you not at all care for this high bass, it is an underlying point that a powerful resonance can, in reality, tear off your delicate eardrum and make you a deaf.

It is an observation that it is safe to hear the sound at 85 decibels but beyond that, it seems to be louder and at 115 decibels, nerve damage tends to happen in less than 60 seconds. This immediate but significant hearing loss may remain unnoticed for a while but will eventually build up over time.

According to a recently held global survey, it is noted that nearly 1.7 billion minors and grown adults are facing the high risk of growing hearing loss because of the practice of constantly listening to the high volume.

We, as friends do often share our earbuds. Have you ever thought of the free germ pack returned with these pair after use?

Give some time to seriously think about it. Sharing the earplug is, of course, a way to socialization or otherwise say, it is quite romantic. But it has some severe corollaries too. For example, scrounging the earplugs from someone else or lending yours or by both ways, there is a great chance of bacteria flowing into your soft ears. This can lead to the bacteria culture when remaining undisturbed and finally cause harmful ear infections and unbearable pain.

Keeping this in mind, remember to clean or wipe and even sanitize your earbuds before really spinning them close to your inner ears. It is also advisable to change those silicon or spongy covering of the earbud close to every three months as they are eventually prone to get covered with bacteria over time. This practice ensures the hygiene factor.

Is it great to walk carelessly through roads or railway tracks while wearing an


Definitely not! The records show around 1000 people give their lives mid yearly for this single cause. Do not make such situations that can pay a life. Be responsible and not blame the earbuds for that.

Finally, is it a good idea to use earbuds while traveling in moving mediums and use it in a full day manner?

Some people always pick earbuds as a better option for surpassing the boring travel time. Well, studies come up with the adequate reasoning that reading and listening to music in moving vehicles can harm your body itself.

For example, if you are going to a faraway place in a noisy bus or train, then this noise sums up with the decibel level and make it terrible for your ears.

So, as such earbuds do not have a single negative point to be considered on, being a responsible person, it is always thinkable to take a pretty good hourly break from any kind of business you do.