"Wake Up, Child"

Attention Friends

As much as l would like to grab a cup of coffee with you and chit the chat ’til the morning dew, I cannot.  So, let’s cut the fluff and get down to nitty gritty.   Here goes:

  • Wake Up, Child”, our new album, is finished.  
  • Digital Download of the album will be available tomorrow.
  • Vinyl Pre-orders will be available tomorrow.  Don’t fret, this will include the digital version so you can listen while you wait.  We are shooting to have the vinyl ready to be shipped by 11/1/11.
  • thesoilthesun.bandcamp.com is the hub.  Everything will be laid out nicely and will be available on the site.
  • The Album Art was hand-drawn by Ashley.  The image was taken from a Japanese coloring book.  All the vinyls will be screen printed by hand.  We’re making 500 of them!

The songs on this album are:

1] Spirit of Memory

2] WestDownRightUpLeftEast

3] Like Diamonds

4] Moshua

5] Arizona

6] Wheat-Germ Mother

7] Raised in Glory

8] Breakfast Song

9] I AM in Everything, Everywhe

10] There Is No Death

Some Side Notes: At shows we will be selling download postcards that are good for a couple goes, so you can download the album and then mail it to a friend as a gift!  Give to each other.  If you find yourself asking, “Why do I need this?  These are old songs” the answer is “Because it’s better, more cohesive, and more complete.”  As soon as this project is all tidied up we will begin recording the next album.

Some Thanks: Timbre Cierpke, for playing harp on “There is No Death”, Curt Kiser and John Hanson, for letting us use some of their instruments, Chad Wahlbrink, for mastering the album, and you, for supporting us and sharing the love.  

Posted on September 29, 2011 .